netmgr is a manager program that automatically configures the network on startup. It supports both DHCP and static assignments, with gateway and DNS configuration as well as IPs.


  • libsystem


Install the netmgr package. Then configure /etc/network.conf (described below) with the networking information required. Finally, start the manager with sudo startctl start netmgr. To run on startup, run sudo startctl install netmgr.


netmgr’s configuration is stored at /etc/network.conf. This is a TOML file with entries for each network interface to configure. The name may be either the exact path of the device (with leading slash), or the UUID of the device. An auto entry is used for any interface that doesn’t have its own config.

Each entry must have an acquire field, which indicates how to acquire an IP address. This can be "none" (skip configuration) "dhcp", "dhcp-static", or "static". dhcp-static only needs address. static needs address, netmask (if not in the address), and gateway if required. A dns array can be used to set DNS servers. See the template file for more information on the full format.

Here is an example configuration file:

## /etc/network.conf
    acquire = "dhcp"

    acquire = "static"
    address = ""